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Abe served for 14 years as a pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, with his last six as the Senior Pastor of Redeemer East Side. He currently serves as the Senior Director of training for Redeemer City to City in NYC and North America. Along with his wife Jordyn and their four children, the Cho family has been part of the REH family since 2021, when Abe began serving as our Minister-in-Residence at REH. 

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Darren has been serving as a community group leader at Redeemer since 2014, and remains one at REH today, co-leading with his wife Sasha. They have been part of the REH family since the early, pre-launch days, faithfully attending the first initial prayer meetings and core team sessions. When reflecting on his nomination to the role of deacon, Darren’s testimony has simply been, “The only reason I am here is because I am a miracle of God’s grace.”

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