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Redeemer East Harlem is a church both in and for East Harlem that seeks to both know and show the love of God in Christ.


As a church of Jesus Christ, Redeemer East Harlem seeks to know and show the love of Christ through a movement of the Gospel that brings ​personal conversion​, ​spiritual formation​, ​community involvement​, ​mercy and justice​, and avenues for cultural, racial, and socioeconomic ​unity.​



1. PERSONAL CONVERSION: ​We are a church that cares about people personally knowing the love of God in Jesus Christ. We want to connect people to God so that their whole lives might be converted and changed by the gospel.

2. SPIRITUAL FORMATION:​ We are a church that desires to see people know God more and more, through spiritual practices and the engagement of their callings of the neighborhood, relationships, and work.

3. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:​ We are a church that seeks to empower people to show the love of God by being faithfully present in East Harlem and engaged with the specific needs and concerns of the neighborhood.

4. MERCY AND JUSTICE:​ We are a church concerned with addressing both the tangible needs and struggles of our neighbors (mercy) and the reasons for inequalities (justice).

5. UNITY:​ We are a church that believes God’s love breaks down racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural barriers and brings unity through the power of the Gospel.


For more on the history of Redeemer East Harlem and the Redeemer Churches & Ministries, click here.

For more on our denominational affiliation, theological beliefs, and governance structure, click here.

Check out our sermon series DNA - Our Mission & Values, to learn more.

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