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In-Person Worship 

Sunday Service


REH has begun limited capacity, in-person worship. Registration and adherence to our COVID-19 Action Plan is required. We hope you can join us! 109 E. 116th (bwtn. Lex + Park)

For those unable to join our in-person worship service, the service will be live streamed starting at 10am. Additionally, the service will be available to watch for the remainder of each Sunday. 


GOD LOVES AAPI OUTREACH: Join this outreach to help protect our AAPI family, friends, & neighbors: Due to the uptick in anti-AAPI hate crimes over the last year, REH is joining with a number of churches that are partnering together to mobilize efforts of pro-action. We will distribute these on May 23, so you have one more week to get your donations in! We are asking for congregants to donate personal alarm devices like these:  


3 alarm devices:

8 alarm devices:

10 alarm devices:  

And have them shipped to REH: 


2271 2nd Ave.

New York, NY 10035


For more info:

G.I.V.E.: As we seek to be a self-sufficient church community, your generosity gets us there. This act of worship makes it possible for us to do all that God has called us to do. If you consider REH your home church, we encourage you to support the work of our church through giving. CLICK HERE for our thoughts on the tithe, sacrificial giving, and God’s call to us to be a generous people, as well as to watch our “Stories of Generosity” series.

INTRO TO REH: Save the date for our next Intro to Redeemer East Harlem class. This class is for those seeking to learn about the history, vision, and beliefs of REH. In addition, for those interested in pursuing formal membership, this is the required class. The next class will be on June 6th from 1:30-4:30. Registration is now open! Register Here.

AAPI HERITAGE MONTH: In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Redeemer East Harlem will highlight the life and ministry of key Asian American Christian leaders who are important to Asian and Asian American history. Our hope is to encourage you to learn the many ways AAPI Christian leaders are shaping our church today. Please visit to learn more.

SERIES RESOURCES: Today, we continue our series, “The Resurrection.” If the resurrection did not happen, nothing about the Christian faith is worth considering. However, if it did occur, the resurrection shapes our understanding of all aspects of life. This week we consider how the resurrection is the foundation for pursuits of unity in diversity in the church. Join us as we consider how the resurrection ought to shape our understanding of life’s most pressing issues today. Every week you can also go to for resources to assist you in further study.