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While our regular in-person worship service gathering is currently postponed, each Sunday morning service is available to watch here. Join us here at 10am each Sunday.

The service will be available the remainder of each Sunday

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REH KIDS Update: ​Due to the Town Hall, our weekly Zoom is cancelled for this week 

Community Groups @ REH: ​Sign up today! Space is limited, but there is still room. For details on day, times, and leaders, go to If you have any questions, you can contact our Community Life Coordinator, Ariel Ramirez (

TOWN HALL: ​TODAY​ Redeemer East Harlem will hold its first town hall meeting for all members and regular attenders. If you consider REH your home church, join us! This meeting will take place immediately following the service through Zoom. In the meeting, we will give updates on the state of REH and give updates on what is to come. Register today: ​​ (registration to ensure there is no Zoom-bombing)

East Harlem Youth Ministries:​  While Godfrey Moye is on staff at REH as our Youth Outreach Manager he is also serving youth in East Harlem in partnership with the organization Young Life. Because of this, we decided to refer to this new youth ministry in East Harlem as EHYM or East Harlem Youth Ministries as we hope to reach youth inside and outside our church; this youth ministry will not be directly represented by any single church but by youth from across East Harlem.

In this season of social distancing, Godfrey is leading two phone calls per week for youth. One call is for high school students (this group is called YoungLife) each Thursday at 4-5pm and one call is for middle school students (this group is called WyldLife) each Wednesday from 3-4pm. For more info, or to register youth for the calls, please email Godfrey ( Feel free to share this info with any youth in the area you know might be interested.