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Community Groups (CG)

Looking to get connected? We'd love for you to join a CG. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Additionally, to stay up-to-date on all CG events and offerings, make sure to join our newsletter

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The 2023-2024 REH CG Calendar:

2023 Term 1: Fall 2023, Sept 17 - Dec 16
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 19 -
 26 (1 week off)
   Extended Christmas/New Year Break: Dec 17 - Jan 13 (5 weeks off)

2024 Term 2: Winter 2024, Jan 14 - Mar 24   

   Easter Break: Mar 25 - Apr 7 (2 weeks off) 

2024 Term 3: Spring 2024, Apr 8 - Jun 15    
   Extended Summer Break: Jun 16 - Sept 15 (13 weeks off)


What is a Community Group (CG)? 

Community Groups at REH exist to help people grow in relationship with both God and others by helping people more fully know and show the love of Christ. CGs are "small groups" within the church. 

Who can join a CG?

All are welcome! Attendees do not have to be believers and do not have to be members of REH. Anyone may attend. We desire for community groups to be a safe and hospitable place for all people, across differences, coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

What can I expect in a CG? 

Each CG is led by trained leaders who want to create environments where people come together to experience genuine relationships with God and others. Each regular group meeting includes three core elements: fellowship, Bible study and discussion, and prayer time. There will be dedicated time to (1) catch up with others, (2) read/study together and discuss the passage of Scripture from the previous week's sermon, and (3) pray together. 


The groups meet weekly, every other week, or monthly, and usually last about an hour and a half. 


Can I bring my kids to CG?

Each CG makes their own decisions concerning children attending or childcare. Talk to your CG leader to learn what your group has decided.


REH also offers a family CG that meets one Sunday each month. This group has a dedicated leader and consists of parents or guardians who attend with their children. This group gathers at the EHMH in cold weather months and at local parks in warm weather months. A free pizza lunch is provided. For more information, reach out to the Children's Ministry Manager, Nohemi, at

How do I sign up?
Please fill out the form above and we will be in contact with you shortly.


To inquire about specifics like group times or group locations or other inquiry beyond a general interest in signing up, please reach out to the Community Life Manager, Davey at

What is the schedule for CGs?

Though each group decides the more specific scheduling details for their particular group, in general, REH CGs are scheduled in 3 seasonal terms throughout the year, with various breaks for holidays and summer. 


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