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CONFRONTING CHRISTIANITY: Addressing Questions Asked of Christianity


Overview: People face many challenges when considering the validity of the Christian faith. In her book Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion, Rebecca McLaughlin helpfully answers some of the most pressing questions of our day. In this five-week book discussion, participants will gather for a facilitated conversation on some of the key questions posed in the book. Before coming to the gathering, participants will come having read the assigned reading and will also bring any lingering questions they might still possess. Together, we will wrestle with questions like: How Can You Say There’s Only One Faith? Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity? Isn’t Christianity Homophobic? And more. 

You can purchase the book here. (If purchasing the book is difficult financially, let us know when you register, and we will provide a copy).


Participants are expected to come each week having read the following chapters:

Week 1 Theme (4/7): Why Christianity? 

  • Chapter 1: Aren’t We Better Off without Religion? 

  • Chapter 3: How Can You Say There’s Only One Faith? 


Week 2 Theme (4/14): Truth & Trustworthiness 

  • Chapter 6: How Can You Take the Bible Literally? 

  • Chapter 7: Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity? 


Week 3 Theme (4/21): Gender, Sexuality, and Justice 

  • Chapter 8: Doesn’t Christianity Deingrate Women? 

  • Chapter 9: Isn’t Christianity Homophobic? 

  • (Optional: Doesn’t the Bible Condone Slavery?) 


Week 4 (4/28): Suffering 

  • How Could a Loving God Allow So Much Suffering?


Week 5 (5/5): Judgment & Mercy 

  • How Could a Loving God Send People to Hell? 

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