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We offer classes several times a year. These classes are designed to help us grow in our knowledge and understanding of Scripture and how we are to then live in the light of God's Word. 

If you are interested in classes and want to stay informed about upcoming opportunities to join, sign up for our newsletter


CURRENT PUBLIC FAITH CLASS - "A Public Faith - Learning to have Spiritual Conversations": Often, we can struggle to have spiritual conversations with others, especially those who might not believe differently. In this class, we will collaboratively learn how to have these types of conversations most effectively. This class is a 3-class beginning 1/22/23. If you are interested in taking this class, please register below.

Dates of the class: 1/22/23, 1/29/23 and 2/12/2023 

Townhall Meeting will be held 2/5/2023

A Public Faith - Learning to have Spiritual Conversations Class Registration

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UPCOMING PUBLIC FAITH CLASS: "Public Faith: The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims": One challenge we all face as we pursue meaningful conversations with others is how best to address the most controversial topics of our day. To help us all navigate these types of topics, we are starting a book club discussion around Rebecca McLaughlin's book, The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims. 

Each week participants will read and discuss the content of the book, which centers on five cultural issues: 

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Love Is Love

  • Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

  • Women's Rights Are Human Rights

  • Transgender Women Are Women


This class will begin on 3/5/23. Registration will be open when we get closer to that date 

For more information about the Public Faith initiative, click here

Some of our previous and ongoing classes include: 

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