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Extraordinary through the Ordinary: A Study of Acts: The book of Acts is marked by extraordinary events. The NT church is birthed and explodes across the world. There are miracles, and lives transformed. The world would never be the same. Yet, though Acts is marked by extraordinary events, God saw it fit to accomplish great feats through ordinary people. The world was transformed by the extraordinary in the ordinary. As was the case then, God will accomplish the extraordinary through our ordinary willingness to follow as he leads that we might too, be a people who turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6). Click here for our Acts Reading Plan

Extraordinary Clarity - Acts 17: 16-32 

Extraordinary Callings - Acts 18: 1-4, 24-28

Extraordinary God - Acts 19: 23-41

Extraordinary Love - Acts 20: 28-38

Extraordinary Persuasion - Acts 23: 11, 24: 10-26

Extraordinary Journey- Acts 28: 30-31, 2 Tim 4: 6-22

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