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In the Beginning: 

A Study of Genesis



The book of Genesis houses some of the most famous Bible stories and characters. However, more importantly, Genesis provides us with an origin story. The Bible, and the Christian faith, require knowledge of Genesis in order to understand the necessity of and need for Christ. In this series, we will consider how, even at the beginning, Jesus was at the center of the Bible’s narrative. 


Week 1: Creation 

Week 2: Fall 

Week 3: Cain & Abel 

Week 4: Noah and the Ark 

Week 5: Nations of Babel 

Week 6: Call of Abraham

Week 7: Melchizedek

Week 8: God’s Covenant with Abraham

Week 9: Sodom & Gemorah

Week 10: Sacrifice of Isaac

Week 11: Isaac & His Sons

Week 12: Jacob, Leah, & Rachel

Week 13: Jacob & Esau

Week 14: Jacob Wrestles with God

Week 15: God Renames Jacob

Week 16: Joseph Enslaved

Week 17: Judah’s Fall & Repentance

Week 18: Joseph & Potiphar

Week 19: Joseph’s Rise to Power

Week 20: Joseph Family Restoration

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