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DISCOVERING WISDOM: ALL OF LIFE IN THE PSALMS: Regardless of where one comes from, what time in history one lives or the experiences one has, there are many common questions amongst humanity––questions related to belonging, identity, provision, and purpose. The Psalms provide wisdom and insight into how we can answer those questions. Though an ancient book, the book of Psalms has much to teach us in modern times and, in this series, we will discover the wisdom it provides to some of life’s most pressing concerns.  


4/07/24 - Discovering the Source of Wisdom - Psalm 14


4/14/24 - Discovering our True Identity - Psalm 8


4/21/24 - Discovering the Foundation for Truth - Psalm 19


4/28/24 - Discovering the Source of Wealth - Psalm 49


5/05/24 - Discovering Rest in Anxiety - Psalm 27


5/12/24 - Discovering the Cure for Guilt & Shame - Psalm 51


5/19/24 - Discovering a Transcendent Hope - Psalm 63


5/26/24 - Discovering the Fountain of Endless Joy - Psalm 119


For sermons from these series, check out our sermons page

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