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Lent, which is the 40 days leading to Easter, is a season traditionally used to focus attention toward repentance and reflection on our mortality, sin, brokenness, and the ultimate need for a Savior. Much like Advent, Lent focuses attention on the work of Christ. To help us use the season well, consider participating in two ways:


Weekly Prayer Gathering: Every Sunday through Lent we will have a weekly prayer gathering before service. This gathering will include guided prayer led by several leaders. The gathering will occur on Sunday mornings from 10:00-10:20 am on the second floor of our worship space (where the children's ministry meets) in the Avail offices. Look for the AVAIL sign on the door and enter there.  If you have any questions, email

Lent Devotional: Check out this video by Kathy Keller and sign up for a free daily Lent devotional. Each day you will be sent a short reflection to assist your engagement with this season.

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New Series:  For the Lent season, we will start a new series called "A Public Witness: Lessons in Suffering - A Study of Job” For more on this series, check out 

Additionally, for more information about our Public Faith Initiative, go to


Ash Wednesday Service:  We will be joining a local church partner, Metro Hope, for an Ash Wednesday service. Join us! We will meet for a brief service at 6:00pm at Exodus Transitional’s Grace Center on 124th & Lexington. 

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Good Friday Service:  We are glad to again join our East Harlem church partners again for a joint Good Friday service. This service will take place on April 7th. More details to follow. 

Public Faith Class:  The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims": One challenge we all face as we pursue meaningful conversations with others is how best to address the most controversial topics of our day. To help us all navigate these types of topics, we are starting a book club discussion around Rebecca McLaughlin's book, The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims. 

Each week participants will read and discuss the content of the book, which centers on five cultural issues: 

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Love Is Love

  • Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

  • Women's Rights Are Human Rights

  • Transgender Women Are Women

To register, go to

Lent Article: A few years ago Angela Adour, who oversees our pastoral care, was asked to write a Lenten article for Redeemer churches and ministries. We hope you find it helpful. You can read it here

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