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For the Winter & Spring of 2023, Redeemer East Harlem will focus efforts on growing in the area of "public faith." By public faith, we mean growing in our ability to see how the Christian faith weaves into all areas of life, which includes inviting others to experience that faith.

We encourage all to join us and participate! 

3 FOR 3 PRAYER INITIATIVE: Who are at least 3 friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family members, for whom you can be praying for 3 minutes (1 min each) every day for the next 3 months? In this prayer, we commit to praying for their flourishing, wholeness, and healing or to use a biblical word––shalom.  

PUBLIC FAITH CLASS: "A Public Faith - Learning to have Spiritual Conversations": Often, we can struggle to have spiritual conversations with others, especially those who might not believe differently. In this class, we will collaboratively learn how to most effectively have these types of conversations. 

PUBLIC FAITH CLASS: "Public Faith: The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims": One challenge we all face as we pursue meaningful conversations with others is how best to address the most controversial topics of our day. To help us all navigate these types of topics, we are starting a book club discussion around Rebecca McLaughlin's book, The Secular Creed - Engaging Five Contemporary Claims. 

Each week participants will read and discuss the content of the book, which centers on five cultural issues: 

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Love Is Love

  • Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

  • Women's Rights Are Human Rights

  • Transgender Women Are Women

SERMON SERIES: Throughout the Winter and Spring, each of our sermon series will focus on the uniqueness of the Christian faith.


  • A Public People - The Church as a Distinct Community (1/8/23 - 2/19/23): What makes the Church a distinct community? In this series, we will study the book of 1 & 2 Peter.

  • A Public Witness - Lessons in Suffering (Lent Series 2/26/23 - 4/9/23): What is unique about the Christian perspective on suffering, and what can we learn through it? In this series, we will study the Book of Job

  • A Public Faith: Examining the Claims of Christianity (Starting 4/16/23): What is unique about the claims of Jesus? In this series, as we study the book John, we examine what Christians claim about Jesus and why we should believe those claims. 

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