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REH is excited to host our very first VBS as a church. Sadly, due to Covid-19, VBS will look differently than we had imagined, but that's OK! We are still excited for VBS and we want to invite you to join us. 


Here is the information regarding all that hows, whens, wheres, whos, and whats about 2020 VBS:


When will it be? 

VBS will take place the first week of August. virtually. We will have 3 days of virtual VBS sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (the 3rd, 5th, and 7th). There will be 2 different sessions each day––one for preK aged children and one for Elementary aged children. The sessions will be pre-recorded so this will be a set-up of "engage with this video as you are ready" before the day's scheduled Zoom call. Children will be invited to join for the group Zoom call so they may interact with one another as well as a CM teacher or Mrs. Nohemi. During the Zoom call, children will be encouraged to discuss what they learned in the day's session and to show off the craft they made!


What can we expect? How will this happen?

The theme of VBS this year is "Concrete & Cranes"! 



Mrs. Nohemi is preparing videos for your children to engage with (they will be just like her cool Children's Ministry lesson videos that REH children have been watching for Sunday school). Each day (M/W/F), there will be a new pre-recorded video for VBS. There will be one video for children aged kindergarten-5th and another video for preK children. 


After the children have interacted with each day's lesson and craft, they will be invited to join a group Zoom call; this will be led by a Children's Ministry leader or by Mrs. Nohemi. 


We are putting together packages with the VBS curriculum and crafts so each child will have all the materials they need to engage with VBS from home. This package full of materials/resources will be available for you to pick-up from REH's new East Harlem Ministry Hub building located at E116th and 2nd Ave. Pick-ups may commence beginning July 27th (during normal operating hours). If for some reason you are unable to retrieve your VBS package from the space (due to illness, mobility issues, etc.), let us know as we may be able to deliver it to you. 


Where will it happen? 

This VBS will happen totally online, on the REH website. There will be a web page only accessible to parents who get the special site link; this is how we will keep our online VBS information safe from those trying to hack into our program. 

On this web page, children will have access to pre-recorded videos of VBS lessons. Following each day's lesson, we also will invite children to join for a Zoom call session so they may see one another and show off their VBS crafts! 


Who can attend?

The VBS invite email is going out to REH families with children enrolled in our CM program. We are also sharing it with 2 other small, local, neighborhood churches in case their children would like to join us. Maybe you have an East Harlem friend with a preK or elementary aged child who may be interested in "attending" our virtual VBS? If so, feel free to forward this email to them. Those who register for VBS will receive emails and links to be able to attend our VBS. 


How much does VBS cost?

We are asking that each family pay $10 for VBS. This cost is not per child but per family. So if a family has 3 children, the cost is still $10. If the cost is a burden to any family, we will waive the cost completely, without question. We do not want money to be a hindrance for a child's ability to attend. 


The VBS cost is simply to help us cover our materials/supplies costs. 



We are watching the infection rates in the city and staying up-to-date with new/current/evolving CDC and City government restrictions concerning social distancing and reopening. That said, we do hope to have some sort of in-person VBS gathering in late August if possible. This gathering would take place outdoors and masks and social distancing would be required. Though it is nearly impossible to have younger children social distance, we believe older children would be able to make it happen; we would be creative with how we would keep children distanced, too. We will keep you updated on this!


If you have any questions beyond the details of this email, please contact Mrs. Nohemi  at nohemi.campos@redeemer.com


We are looking forward to having you join us for our 2020 Virtual VBS with Concrete & Cranes!