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In celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Redeemer East Harlem will highlight the life and ministry of key Asian American Christian leaders who are important to Asian and Asian American history. 


The following resources are a mere sample of many AAPI leaders, theologians, and histories. Our hope is to encourage you to learn the many ways AAPI Christian leaders are shaping our church today.

Get to know Asian American Christian Theologians & Leaders (there are many who could be included, so please seek out more!): 

  • Dr. Soong Chan Rah: Professor of Evangelism, Fuller Theological

  • Dr. Alexander Jung: Professor of higher education at Azusa Pacific & first Asian American Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in America 

  • Dr. Peter Cha: Professor of Pastoral Theology, Trinity Evangelical 


Brief History: 

  • Dr. Jane Hong, Associate Professor of History at Occidental College, gives a brief overview of Asian American immigration, as well as Asian American Christianity. 





Asian Christian History: 

Much of the Asian American Christian story is connected to the rich history of Christianity in many Asian nations. For a full treatment of Asian Christianity and its impact on the West and stories of specific nations, see below. Also note, many resources give more history about other Asian nations. These only serve as an example of what can be found. We encourage you to seek out more!  


Specific Nations: 

Comprehensive History 

  • Christianity in Asia, Volume 1, Samuel Hugh Moffett

  • Christianity in Asia, Volume 2, Samuel Hugh Moffett

  • The Lost History of Christianity, Philip Jenkins