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Historically, Advent has been observed as a time of reflection and longing for the coming of Christ. Though Advent leads to Christmas––a day we celebrate the first coming of Christ––the Advent season also brings us into fellowship with those who, before Christ, longed for his coming, just as we today long for His coming again. 

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Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah––the Messiah of whom the prophets spoke generations before the incarnation. In this Advent series, we will look at various Messianic Psalms––Psalms that prophesied about the coming of Jesus––and look at the fulfillment of those prophecies. All this that we might prepare our hearts for the coming celebration of Christmas. 

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Join us for our Christmas special, Lessons + Carols on December 17th at 10:30 am. This special service will consist of Scripture readings and special music. We highly recommend you invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join in-person or online as this will be a service not to miss!

Parents note: We will have nursery available, but will not have programming for the older kids. We want them to join us for this special se
rvice! We will have special coloring pages and crafts for them during service.  

Starting on December 3, and every Sunday during Advent, we will hold a special pre-service prayer gathering. All are welcome to join. We will meet at 10:00 am in the room near the coffee bar at our Worship Space. 


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This devotional comes from our friends at Redeemer City to City and draws on the full ecosystem of CTC with leaders from many denominations who prioritize similar and diverse spiritual traditions. As CTC notes, "Our own staff represent a variety of experiences when it comes to the season of Advent. What an opportunity and honor this season presents to connect you with 28 leaders from around the world and their Advent reflections written for your consideration." 

There are four weeks of Advent marked by the four Sundays directly preceding Christmas Day. Each week focuses on one of the Advent themes: hope, peace, joy and love. You’ll find a Scripture passage, reflection, question and prayer for each day of the four weeks.


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Sign up below for a free 4-week devotional emailed to you daily during this upcoming season of Advent (November 27th - December 24th). Each Sunday's email will include a video meditation and Q&A from Tim & Kathy Keller.

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The 2023 Family Advent Guide is a great way to encourage families to discuss, read, pray, and do family activities that are centered around Jesus’ birth this Christmas season. 

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