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Juneteenth––a holiday celebrated on June 19th––commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. In celebration and commemoration of this important day in U.S. history, Pastor Rasool Berry, who is a pastor in Brooklyn and a friend of our REH pastors, has organized a few offerings for us: 

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The first is that there was a free webinar that aired on Wednesday, June 15. Though the live airing has passed, we are leaving the link so you can still access it if you want to replay it later. You can access it here.


The second is a 10-day devotional reading plan created by Pastor Rasool and distributed by Our Daily Bread, which you can access here

The third is a documentary entitled “Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom.” Again, this is hosted by our friend Pastor Rasool Berry. This documentary seeks to show how Scripture inspired the faith of enslaved people and why newly liberated men and women credited God for their freedom! You can check out the documentary now! 

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