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Believing that God is calling us to serve Christ, His people, and His world, through the development and extension of the church, we the undersigned petition the New York Metro Presbytery to organize Redeemer East Harlem into a particular church in the Presbyterian church in America:

Particularization FAQs


Does particularization mean we leave the Redeemer family of churches?


No. We will remain a Redeemer church. However, like the other Redeemer churches (i.e. like Redeemer East Side, Redeemer West Side, Redeemer Downtown), we will be a self-governing church. We’d be transitioning from being a “daughter church” to a “sister church” with the other particularized Redeemer churches. 


By which criteria is REH ready to particularize? 


These are the 3 main areas the Presbytery considers: 

  1. Petition from the congregation √

  2. Financial viability √

  3. Elected elders √


What are some benefits of particularization?


As a particularized church, all REH decisions will be made by local REH leaders. We will also have a unique voice in both NY Metro Presbytery and the General Assembly. Additionally, we will have our own membership rolls, which assist us in our mission to be a Gospel-centered people in East Harlem. 


If I am a member of Redeemer East Side, how will particularization impact my membership?


If you choose to formally be part of Redeemer East Harlem, membership from Redeemer East Side to Redeemer Harlem is an easy transfer. We will be in touch concerning those details. 


One important note is that all members, going forward, will be required to take the Intro to Redeemer East Harlem class. This class is also required for anyone who desires to pursue leadership at REH. 


Town Hall Recording

TH Video
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