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In celebration of Women's History Month, Redeemer East Harlem highlights the life and ministry of key women throughout church history.

Much like with other celebratory months, compiling a comprehensive list is impossible. However, we hope these examples of faith provide encouragement for how the Lord has and will continue to use the women in the service of the Kingdom. 


Perpetua (Born 181 CE - Died 203 CE), was an early Christian martyr who refused to renounce her faith and was executed for it. For more CLICK HERE.


Saint Marcella (Born 325 CE - Died 410 CE), was a wealthy Roman Christian woman who, after her husband's death, devoted herself to her faith through a life of chastity and service to others. For more CLICK HERE.


Saint Paula (Born 347 CE - Died 404 CE), was the close associate of Saint Jerome who encouraged him to translate the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin, thus creating the Vulgate Translation which continued in use for the next 1,500 years as the authoritative scripture of Christianity. For more CLICK HERE.


Egeria (380's CE), was a Christian traveler and writer known only from her work Itinerarium Egeriae or Travels of Egeria. Based on the text, she was a woman of the upper class who went on pilgrimage to significant sites mentioned in the Bible. For more CLICK HERE.



Truth’s Table Podcast: A podcast focusing attention on the concerns of women, and specifically black women, from a Christian perspective. 



His Testimonies, My Heritage: A collection of devotions is by a diverse group of women of color—African-Americans, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Asian women -  all of whom you should know and follow. 



Women's Voices on Issues of Justice: This talk is well worth the listen, but the panel also includes women you should know, follow, read, and from whom you should learn. 

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