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In celebration of Women's History Month, Redeemer East Harlem highlights the life and ministry of key women throughout church history.

Much like with other celebratory months, compiling a comprehensive list is impossible. However, we hope these examples of faith provide encouragement for how the Lord has and will continue to use the women in the service of the Kingdom. 


Sojourner Truth (Born 1779 - Died 1883), was a former enslaved person, an outspoken advocate for abolition, civil, and woman’s rights. Her Civil War work earned her an invitation to meet President Abraham Lincoln in 1864. For more CLICK HERE.


Fanny Crosby (Born 1820 - Died 1915), though totally blind, wrote more than 9,000 hymns, many of which are among the most popular in today’s church denominations under multiple pen names. She was concerned that her name would be too prevalent in the hymnals. For more CLICK HERE.


Jeanette Li (Born 1899- Died 1968), was a cross-cultural evangelist and teacher who made evangelism her life’s mission in China. Despite persecution, harassment, and imprisonment, Li continued to share her faith in China, with refugees in Hong Kong and eventually the United States. For more CLICK HERE.


Corrie Ten Boom (Born 1892 – Died 1983), hid Jewish people in her home in hopes of saving them from death camps when the Nazis invaded Holland. When discovered, she was sent to a women’s labor camp where she suffered horrific experiences. Later in life, these experiences led to a worldwide ministry where she preached about forgiveness and Christ’s love. For more CLICK HERE.



Truth’s Table Podcast: A podcast focusing attention on the concerns of women, and specifically black women, from a Christian perspective. 



His Testimonies, My Heritage: A collection of devotions is by a diverse group of women of color—African-Americans, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Asian women -  all of whom you should know and follow. 



Women's Voices on Issues of Justice: This talk is well worth the listen, but the panel also includes women you should know, follow, read, and from whom you should learn. 

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